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During my earlier years as a trainer there were many mistakes made. 20 years later, those trials and errors have provided me the knowledge needed to get my clients to successfully adhere to their exercise routines. It began with answering two important questions: 1.What are their goals and their measure of success? 2.What are they willing to do to make it happen? In other words, what will their motivation be and how committed are they to achieving their goals. Understanding this brings us to the point where they gain awareness to their limitations. It's important to understand how intrinsic and extrinsic motivations work and the theories that individuals have in relation to their health. When your motivation is based on health and physical fitness your results will positively affect your ability to sustain your motivation. Whereas, when your specific goal focuses solely on physical appearance and attractiveness, the results are quite different. They lack the same amount of self-governing motivation (extrinsic). So is your goal to complete a 5k run? (Self-Determination Theory) Or looking your best on an upcoming vacation trip to the Caribbean? (Future Time Perspective Theory)

When we are truly driven, we tap into our deepest emotional moments to create physical transformations. In order to become the healthiest version of ourselves, we must determine how we can eliminate our own barriers to a healthy lifestyle. Some of the top excuses given for not exercising are as follows:

  1. Time 6. Aches/Pains

  2. Age 7. Overweight

  3. Social 8. Body Image

  4. Boredom 9. Motivation

  5. Family 10. Structure

Time is the center-most limiting factor shared to why someone has for exercise. In order to make TIME a priority we have to discipline ourselves to creating space within our day. Start out with short periods like 10 mins of physical activities like walking, which is an ideal tool getting you on your way to incorporating healthy habits. As adults we have so many choices and/or decisions we make at home, work, community, etc…., yet nothing we do can be effectively achieved without a strong healthy mind, body, and soul,

Use the following principles to establish your habits:

  1. Decide on what your health and fitness goals are.

  2. Choose how much time you can consistently dedicate to achieve your goals.

  3. Start off with small achievable periods.

  4. When and where you will be active.

Time is an emotional behavior for which we will use as a crutch to allow ourselves the excuse not to…..

Working out in a commercial gym is not necessary.

In fact outdoor activities will not only exercise your body, but can help give clarity and clear your mind.

Do things that are motivating.

Be patient.

Know your possibilities.

Take care of your own well-being, becoming the change you want to see.

Most importantly have fun for You Only Live Once!

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