Exercise and fitness has been an outlet to release fears, doubts, and overall stressors in my life.  During my high school years playing sports I discovered the passion for training while practicing and exercising with teammates.  This led to a greater appreciation and desire to push myself, which in turn allowed my mind and body to increase its physical potential. The teamwork and connections shared during those moments built the core foundation through service as a trainer to achieve goals.


Strip your mind of all the physical limitations that you have ever thought. The expectations that you have physically are achieved through movements and exercises that allow you the greatest potential to gain mobility and increased strength. Long-term success occurs when we apply adaptations in life that work best for ourselves in accomplishing our goals.


The gains you make in improving your physical fitness and total well-being is the core to challenges you face physically and emotionally each day.  Programs are built that are functional to your lifestyle: providing you clarity in how you attain your goals, preventative so that you minimize risks that would impede or alter your progress towards your goals, and motivating so that you sustain the behaviors necessary to maintain your goals.

Detrick is a consummate professional. He has performed miracles helping me recover from various sports injuries and he knows just how far to push me. He's also personable and fun so I always look forward to my workouts
Russell P.
I have worked with Detrick for several years. He is extremely skilled, and has helped me improve my core strength and flexibility so I can continue running, hiking, and climbing with fewer injuries and a better sense of overall fitness. Perfect for an aging athlete. If only he could help with my golf swing...
   Robert F.
Working with Detrick provided better results and greater relieve for my structural problems than 35 years of medical visits with orthopedic surgeons. We focused on core training and flexibility, which helped with my daily life as well as my fitness and competence levels in bicycling and running
       RoseAnn R.






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