• Detrick Wright


Life isn't a game of cards, for you don't get to choose the hand you are dealt with.

However, if you could pick each card to improve your chance of winning, would you?

If you had the opportunity to minimize the risks to your body from sedentary living and inactivity what would you be willing to do?

Genetically, socio-economically, and culturally speaking, lifestyles vary from person to person. However, there are ways to counter the effects of what you are born into, and what you will accept personally, financially, and environmentally.

A sedentary lifestyle and the choice to be inactive impacts each of us directly or indirectly in our society.

One way or another, we all pay for decisions made to live inactively, with the obesity epidemic sweeping through our nation, and chronic diseases, such as heart disease and diabetes, directly correlating to our costs of medical insurance.

Where you live should not dictate how you live. Unfortunately, what side of the street you are on may create barriers in your way because access to healthy living geographically and environmentally does not occur equally. There are communities throughout the U.S. known as "Food Deserts", where there is limited access to nutritious whole foods like fresh fruits and vegetables.

Finally, there is the challenge to make healthier versions of the dishes you grew up with using better nutritional alternatives without losing the cultural affinity of the dish. I love nothing more than to eat foods that were traditionally eaten every holiday, every Sunday, or any special occasion with my family.

Understanding your risks will provide you the motivation necessary to make RIGHT CHOICES and clairity to becoming a healthier you.

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