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Expected or unexpected challenges will occur at some point in time: moving, starting a new job, or dating after a break up.

The struggle occurs with our ability to be patient and establish a plan.

Knowing how soon, or how to push through occurs when you are ready to face these new challenges gaining awareness to what you want to do.

Setting goals will empower you the clarity to overcome the difficult work at hand.

For instance, choosing to change from a non-active to an active lifestyle occurs knowing your anxieties, as well as understanding your physical goals and limitations.

There's so much information out there to sort through.

"What works or doesn't work?"

According to National Health Service (NHS) starting with a moderate to slightly higher moderate intensity is preferred: Approximately, 150 minutes per week getting large increases in aerobic activity (Respirations and/or Heart Rate).

Some great moderate activities to start with: brisk walking, jogging, aerobic dance classes (i.e.: Zumba), cycling.

Doing activities that are fun, enjoyable, and safe for your current fitness level will keep you motivated and consistent.

It is very common at the beginning of a new exercise program to start out to hard, leading to an injury.

Injuries become setbacks keeping you from staying on track to achieving your fitness goals.

Focus on three key points:

  1. What are you training for?

  2. How to determine where you will do your training?

  3. Which type of setting work bests for you: solo, partnered, or in a group/class setting?

Your journey towards a healthier life will take time to learn the behaviors towards long-term success.

So be patient!


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